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Rosemary Kearney

I am South African living by the sea with my two dogs. Currently I am attempting to write a novel - a Trilogy. My interest is human development and evolution with a particular interest in strategy. My journey has taken me from being an academic to business consultant to psychotherapist to contemplative and the constant unfolding of the Heart-Mind-in-communion. I see the flow of Holy Spirit requiring that we endlessly augment our capacity as human being for relatedness, openness, and consciousness love.

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No Laughing Matter

Is anything “sacred”? Is anything “not to be laughed at”? Is anything no laughing matter? Because we live in a pluralist world …

Let us take each other by the hand

With Love There Are No Boundaries

To everyone in the Hope Sings community, Happy Christmas from Rosemary (second childhood!) at the soup kitchen where about 150 people probably …


Until Our Hearts Break

There will be no redemption until our hearts connect to the heart-break of our world. And we can learn from those in …

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

I had recently been reading an extract on “Presences” in Hope Sings, So Beautiful where Etty Hillesum speaks of the eclipse of …

Tata Madiba

Hamba Kahle, Tata Madiba

And the tears flow. It is grief. Chris says: “Many across the world will mark the trajectory of their life-stories by the …


Only Skin Deep?

The past Sunday’s reading from the Hebrew Bible recounts the story of Elisha, a Hebrew prophet from Samaria, and Naaman, a great …