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Crossing Over


The Gift of Tears

  The Gift of Tears In this second installation on Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, I reflect on the gift of …

Let us take each other by the hand

With Love There Are No Boundaries

To everyone in the Hope Sings community, Happy Christmas from Rosemary (second childhood!) at the soup kitchen where about 150 people probably …


Not Forgotten: John Howard Griffin

Many Americans of an older generation will remember reading Black Like Me, John Howard Griffin’s riveting account of his experiment in “becoming …


A Lover’s Prayer

Self-reflection is a built-in element of travel. It stirs within the traveler each time she is asked why she travels. “What is …


What Makes a Classic?

Long before I had any direct encounters with peoples of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, music was my doorway to worlds otherwise …


Like Lightning from Heaven

“In our world today there are some prophets like John the baptizer, who are spectacular. They prepare our hearts to see Jesus. …