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Music & Art

The Piano Lesson
Romare Bearden (1911-1988)

Introduction: Music and Art

    Stevie Wonder, “Village Ghetto Land”    “For as long as there’s life, for as long as we have things happening …


2 Awakenings: Music and Art

  Howard Thurman, author of Jesus and the Disinherited, and With Head and Heart: The Autobiography of Howard Thurman A remarkable interview …

A girl urges her friends 
to help "stop the death of a race"
George T. Kruse, 1989

4 Crucifixions: Music and Art

  Anne and Abel Meeropol NPR: “The Strange Story of the Man Behind ‘Strange Fruit,’” includes footage of Billie Holiday performing “Strange …

Chama River Canyon 
Near Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

5 Silences: Music and Art

    “In the Desert with Fr. Bill: Encountering Faith and Art with Fr. Bill McNichols,” wonderful, whimsical piece on iconographer William …

Thomas Merton
Trappist, KY

6 Streets: Music and Art

  Stevie Wonder, “Village Ghetto Land”  Songs in the Key of Life: Classic Albums     Stevie Wonder, “Big Brother” Stevie Wonder, …

Dakota Fanning as Lily in "The Secret Life of Bees"

7 Presences: Music and Art

    BBC Radio: Etty Hillesum Jewish Women’s Archive           “For a number years I studied archetypal feminine …

The Black Madonna
Holly Shapker, Cincinnati, OH

8 Differences: Music and Art

    The iconography of William Hart McNichols           Cincinnati artist Holly Shapker’s Adsum collection, inspired by the …

Easter Vigil at St. Augustine's Catholic Church, Washington DC
"The Mother Church of Black Catholics" in the United States

9 Song Circles: Music and Art

  “Oh Happy Day,” The Edwin Hawkins Singers, 1969. The only traditional Gospel song ever to crossover and become a hit on …