For CV and Complete List of Publications:


        The Artist Alive: Explorations in Music, Art & Theology

         At Play in Creation: Merton’s Awakening to the Feminine Divine

        Hope Sings So Beautiful: Graced Encounters Across the Color Line

        Sophia: The Hidden Christ of Thomas Merton

Surviving the Search: Sexuality, Spirituality, and Love

Confirmation: Anointed and Sealed with the Spirit

America magazine and Others

“`Lead Me, Guide Me’: The Gift and Challenge of Black Catholic Spirituality,America online (March 18, 2021).

“Killed Just for Living in Your American Skin: Bruce Springsteen and the Role of the Artist in the Nation’s Racial Reckoning,” Today’s American Catholic (Aug/Sep 2020).

“The Legacy of Adolfo Nicolás, S.J.,” America 223:1 (July 2020): 34-39.

“A Task Worthy of God: Remembering Jean Giono,” America (Fall Books Review, 2019

“The Little Known History of Amazing Grace,” University of Portland Magazine (June 17, 2019). 

“The Prophetic Character of Jesuit Education,” Conversations in Jesuit Higher Education 54 (2018). Link here: Conversations.PropheticCharacter.JesuitEducation.Pramuk.2018.

“A Father’s 9/11 Prayer: Hopes for Children in a World Marked by Violence.” America (Sep 2016)

“Thomas Merton and the Future of Faith.” Marginalia: LA Review of Books (April 2016).

“The Public Private Life of Thomas Merton.” Sojourners (January 2015).

“To Live Fully: The Witness of Sr. Thea Bowman”

“Sacred Silence: Lessons from the High Desert Plains”

“A Summons to Freedom” – review of A Spirituality for Seekers, by Roger Haight

“The Weary World Rejoices: Rekindling the Spirit of the Nativity”

         “A Dream of Life: Revisiting Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The Rising’”

         “A Hidden Sorrow: Praying Through Reproductive Loss”

         “Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Song of Songs”

         “O Happy Day! Imagining a Church Beyond the Color Line”

         “The Song of Faith: Hearing Music Again with Thomas Merton”

 Select Theological Essays

“The Gift of Tears: White Metanoia at the Foot of the Black Cross,” in Praying for Freedom: Racism, Conversion, and Ignatian Spirituality in America (Liturgical Press, forthcoming).

“`The Grey Face of the Other: Sparks of the Divine in a Toppling World,” The Merton Annual 34 (2021): 92-106.

“The Question of God in the Struggle for Racial Justice,” Horizons 48:1 (June 2021): 172-94. PDF linked below.

“What You Gaze Upon You Become: The Iconography of William Hart McNichols,” ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies 31:1 (2019): 64-83. PDF linked below.

“The Emergence of a Lay Esprit de Corps: Inspirations, Tensions, Horizons.” Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal 8:2 (2019): 21-36.

“Contemplation and the Suffering Earth: Thomas Merton, Pope Francis and the Next Generation.” Open Theology 4 (2018): 212-27.

“Making Sanctuary for the Divine: Exploring Melissa Raphael’s Holocaust Theology.” Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations (2017), abstract and PDF here.

“Theodicy and the Feminine Divine: Thomas Merton’s ‘Hagia Sophia’ in Dialogue with Western Theology.” PDF: TS-2016-Pramuk-48-76 /College Theology Society, Best Article in Theology, 2016

 “God Accompanies Persons: Thomas Merton and Pope Francis on Gender and Sexual Diversity.” The Merton Annual 28 (2015): 71-87. PDF: TMA.28.GodAccompaniesPersons.Pramuk

“Imagination and Difference: Beyond Essentialism in Church Teaching and Practice.” New Theology Review26:1 (2013).

“`Strange Fruit’: Black Suffering / White Revelation.” Theological Studies 67 (Jun 2006): 345-77. PDF: TS.StrangeFruit.Pramuk

Reviews and commentary on At Play in Creation

At Play in Creation

Christine Bochen, The Merton Annual 29 (2016): 263-68.

John D. Dadosky, Theological Studies (Sep 2016). Dadosky.Theological Studies-2016

Marc Lavallee, Horizons (June 2016). Lavallee.Horizons

Martha Fessler Krieg, Cistercian Studies Quarterly (2016). Krieg.Martha.CSQ.Review

Advance reviews of At Play in Creation

Edward Kaplan, The Merton Seasonal 40: 3 (Fall 2015) 28-9.

Kathy Coffey, “A Book Filled with Joy and Light.”

Patrick O’Connell, brief review in Sojourners along with other new works published in the centennial year of Merton’s birth

 Sr. Laura Swan, OSB, St. Placid Priory, April 2015.

 Reviews and commentary on Hope Sings, So Beautiful



  See About the Book, scroll down to reviews.

Commentary on Sophia: The Hidden Christ of Thomas Merton

Fr. Andrew Louth, Sobornost (2015)

   Editorial Reviews/ Journals

   Catholic Books Review

    National Catholic Reporter

    Author Interview  – Eastern Christian Books

    Bishop Robert Morneau – Deacon Digest


Video Links/Presentations

“Stevie Wonder and the Ignatian Imagination,” Jesuit Friends and Alumni Network, April 28, 2021.

“`Lead Me, Guide Me’: The Gift of Black Catholics to the Universal Church,” 15th Annual Thomas Merton Black History Month Lecture, Bellarmine University, February 21, 2021.

“Addressing Racism: A Time for Gospel Courage,” Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition, Jan. 13, 2021. 

“What Does God’s Gender Have to Do with It? Merton’s Awakening to the Feminine Divine.” Tuesdays with Merton Webinar, Bernardin Center for Catholic Studies, Chicago Theological Union, Nov. 10, 2020.

“Thomas Merton and the Feminine Divine.” Festival of Faiths 2018, Louisville, KY, April 2018.

“The Arts, Empathy and Racial Justice: Reimagining Together What is Possible.” Koch Chair in Catholic Thought and Culture Lecture, College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University, MN, October 1, 2017.

“Engaging Difficult Conversations on Campus through Ignatian Dialogue,” Xavier University Mission and Identity, April 2017.

“Imagination and Jesuit Education: Parts I and II,” Jesuit Schools Network, July 2016.

New Camaldoli Hermitage, Big Sur, CA, July 2-3, 2016. “Bringing Wisdom Down to Earth: Notes from Merton’s Last Decade.”

“Merton and Race,” Festival of Faiths, Louisville, KY, May 2015.

“Contemplation and Action,” Festival of Faiths, Louisville, KY, May 2015.

“Remembering Phil Ochs,” Festival of Faiths, Louisville, KY, May 2015.

“Where Hope Rises: Wisdom-Sophia in the Writings of Thomas Merton,” Institute for Religion and Science, Chestnut Hill College, Palm Sunday, 2014. Part I: link here. Part II: link here.

“How I Live the Mission,” Xavier University, June 2014.

“Race and Ignatian Spirituality,” video in four parts (4 min. to 12 min.), Xavier University Center for Mission and Identity.

“Celebrating Vatican II’s Gaudium et Spes on Its 50th Anniversary

“Sexuality and Ignatian Spirituality” (with other Xavier faculty)

Interviews / other links 

LCWR Assembly, review of keynote, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?,” August 2017. Also here, here, and here.

LCWR Assembly, short video of events in Orlando, 2017.

“Regis University Hires Well-Known Jesuit Scholar,” Regis University InSite (Aug 1, 2017).

Contemplify: Kindling the Examined Life, interview with Paul Swanson, “Thomas Merton, Wisdom-Sophia, and a Dash of Pink Floyd with Christopher Pramuk” (Summer 2017).

University of Notre Dame, panelist, “The New Abolitionists: Catholics Writing about Race,” “Trying to Say ‘God’: Re-enchanting Catholic Literature,” June 24, 2017.

“Ignatian Perspectives on Difficult Conversations,” Creighton University Center for Catholic Thought, April 24, 2017.

Interview, America Magazine, “Remembering 9/11,” 15th anniversary, September 2016.

Interview, National Catholic Reporter, “Space for Dialogue” (special section on race in Catholic Colleges and Universities), March 25, 2016.

RNS story on Festival of Faiths (May 19, 2015).

Review of We Are Already One: Thomas Merton’s Message of Hope, Angelus (May 18, 2015).

Interview, Merton and Race Relations, NPR Radio, Louisville, with Jonathan Bastian (May 14, 2015).

Interview, Merton Centenary, Catholic New Service, Dennis Sadowski (January 2015).

Interview, “Thomas Merton at 100.” Patricia Lefevere, National Catholic Reporter (Dec. 5-18, 2014).

Article on lecture at St. Mary’s College: “Racial Justice and   Responsibility.”

“Imagination and Difference: Beyond Essentialism in Church Teaching and Practice.”New Theology Review26:1 (2013).

“Beauty Limned in Violence: Experimenting with Protest Music in the Ignatian Classroom.” In Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World: Justice in Jesuit Higher Education (Fordham, 2013), p. 15-29.

Interview Hope Sings, So Beautiful / Xavier Newswire (October 2013)

Interview Hope Sings, So Beautiful / Cincinnati Enquirer (October 2013)

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