8 Differences: Reading Guide

Discussion questions for Chapter 8 coming soon….in lieu of provided questions, here’s another option, taken from the general guidelines above:

“Set the Table” – ask or assign a few participants to “set the table” at the next gathering, i.e., for each to select two or three quotes from the reading that most struck them, and then to formulate two or three prepared questions based on these ideas. Whoever is responsible for setting the table will put their quotes and questions on a half-sheet of paper and print enough copies for all. At the next meeting, the discussion period opens with their quotes and questions, with a brief explanation as to why they found those particular quotes compelling. This is an effective way to build group ownership, and also relieves the moderator of undue responsibility or influence for the direction of the discussion.

Also, be sure to check out “Music and Art” for Chapter 8, with links to many rich resources for further meditation, reflection and discussion.

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