“A Girl with a Book”: Happy Birthday Malala Yousafzai

Today is the 16th birthday of Malala Yousafzai. Another glimpse of the anawim, the still small voice of Sophia, breaking through in our time – urging us to wake up from our sleep, for many, our collective nightmare. Another voice blowin’ in the wind, as Rosemary writes so poignantly in the previous blog. Can we hear her? Will we listen?

On her birthday this morning Malala addressed a Youth Assembly at the United Nations, hundreds of children from around the world who came to celebrate her witness to life, for life, and for human dignity everywhere.

“She was targeted just because of her determination to go to school,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. “The extremists showed what they fear most – a girl with a book.”

May Wisdom hold her close, and enfold Malala today – and for many, many years to come – in Her fierce protection. She mirrors the holy Child who sleeps in all of us.

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