Mandela: R.I.P.

The world knew it was coming. South Africa knew it was coming. And we have held our collective breath, not wishing it to be true.

I was too young, four years old, to remember the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Many across the world will mark the trajectory of their life-stories by the life and death of Nelson Mandela.

May God grant him peace, and may the people of South Africa feel our prayers of solidarity and gratitude, for this great son and father of their proud nation.

My post on Mandela from a few months ago is here. For all posts written by my beloved friend Rosemary Kearney, who writes from South Africa, and whose friendship and wisdom over these distances has been one of the great surprises and graces of my life in the past few years, go here.

Because of your friendship, Rosemary, my heart feels especially bound tonight to South Africa, and for that gift, I thank you.


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