Making the World Go ‘Round with Grace

Cape Argus Cycle Tour

Pressed for time, I decided to use the narrow Ou Kaapse Weg over the mountains to Cape Town. Although I was pushing the speed limit, I was very aware of cyclists in training for the largest cycle race in the world, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, and gave them a wide birth.

Ou Kaapse Weg


I must point out that over the years there has been frequent animosity between cyclists and vehicle drivers on the Cape roads. By the time I reached the Steenberg  traffic  light I was like a spring coil. Turning right to go to Kalk Bay was a sleek athletic cyclist.

From under his helmet he gave me a wide smile and said: “Good morning”.

It is not every day that I gratuitously get such a genuine greeting. As I drew away I smiled and waved. He waved back. It was a Zen moment. Suddenly I was relaxed with a happy smile inside me as I cruised down the M3.

On my way home, on the same M3, it was blisteringly hot. Being in the city had been too frantic. I remembered the cyclist. Again a smile filled my being. Made my day he did.

 How easy it is to make the world go round with grace.

Ou Kaapse Weg (Flickr)






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